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#DStvStepUp: Seven Ways To Step Up Your Life In 2022

Getting into a new year is always exciting for many reasons. It presents an opportunity to set new goals, become better, and step up our game.


While all of that can be very exciting, it can also be a tad bit challenging. Especially, when you begin to worry about giving yourself a 360 degree upgrade in all aspects of your life. But not to worry, we’ve rounded up seven perfect ways to help you achieve your step-up plan this year.
Check them out below.


Make New Friends:
This year, it is important to find friends who you can share your most memorable experiences with. Football is one game that brings people together all over the world. Make it a date with friends this month to watch all 52 live matches of the AFCON 2021 cup on DStv.


Relax A Little:
After a long week’s work, it’s important to take a break to relax a little. And what better way to do that than by digging into the amazing movies and shows on DStv; like ‘The Rishantes’, and ‘Movement [Japa]’, which air every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase from 8 PM. With these shows, you’re guaranteed a good time from the comfort of your home.


Start A Talk Show Or A Podcast:
Start something exciting this year with a friend and become the next big thing in your niche. One of the things you can start this year is a talk show or a podcast. With ‘Talk with Toke Makinwa’ in your corner, you have all the tips you need to make your show intriguing and successful. ‘Talk with Toke Makinwa’ airs every Friday at 4 PM on Honey channel 157.


Learn A Skill:
It’s always important to get your hands on something new because you can’t tell when that skill would come in handy. This year, one of the skills you can pick up is cooking because it’s a major survival skill. Thankfully there is Food Network which hosts a variety of cooking shows where you can learn how to explore the most exciting dishes from across the world.


Take A Trip:
Ticking things off your bucket list should be a priority this year, and one of the things that should be on that list should be taking trips. In case you don’t know what it takes to plan that luxury trip, get tips from the amazing lifestyle show ‘Mercy What Next?’ to get your flex lifestyle on. It airs every Sunday at 6PM on Africa Magic Showcase.


Upgrade Your Entertainment Consumption:
??With ??the DStv StepUp offer, subscribers can enjoy the opportunity to step up your current package to the next higher package, and get a further boost to an even higher package within 48 hours at no additional cost. With this, you can enjoy world-class sporting action, exciting local content and international movies, series, telenovelas, music, news and awesome kiddies entertainment within 48 hours of reconnection at no additional cost.


Start Now:
You don’t have to wait till the mid year to Step Up your game this 2022. Make the best of this year by starting now. And a good place to start is with the DStv Step Up offer which is available to all active, disconnected and new DStv customers.


Please note that Boost is activated 48hrs after the upgrade. For more information, visit www.DStvafrica.com or follow us on our social media platforms.

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