Drunk Man Cuts Off His Penis While Arguing With Girlfriend



Have you ever gotten in an argument with a loved one, and at some point, done something really stupid to get back at them?


We’ve all been there. But a very drunk and very hot-headed man in Taiwan took that sentiment to a very dark place: he severed his own penis.



The unnamed man in his 40s apparently had spent a day drinking, when his girlfriend called him out on his drunkenness.



The man got so pissed, that he took off his pants, got a pair of scissors, ran into the bathroom and cut off his penis. Then he flushed his member down the toilet. When he sobered up, he, of course, regretted the decision.


Doctors say the man was left with a stump about three centimeters long, though they are “confident that he will have no problem.urinating in the future.”

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