Discovery with Glory – Episode one

Hello and a Happy New Year! yes I know its been more than a minute since our last episode. Omo this vloging life is NOT for kids! But hey no complaints this is what I signed up for so here’s hoping for a more consistent 2017! 

I actually recorded this video late last year but I think relationship topics are always in vogue! In this video I share my personal experience dealing with a guy I met on Tinder who unknown to me at the time already had a boo! I share the steps I took in getting out of that situation and also some mindset shifts we women need to take so we can enter into more wholesome relationships.


Inspired By Glory

Inspired By Glory

Bottom line ladies, before you get into any kind of relationship, ask yourself if this is REALLY what you want. Dont believe the lie that there arent good men out there or that you have to manage ‘whatever’ just to join the relationship bandwagon.

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