Curvy Is Beautiful – Ma’Bello Clothier Flaunts The Glam And Curvy Side Of Fashion, Releases “Chic N Sassy” Collection, See All The Lookbook Photos


Here’s giving you a first look at the Ma’Bello Clothier (MBC) new collection tagged “Chic N Sassy”.

MBC was officially launched in December 2012 with an exhibition and fashion show event put together to unveil Creative Director Osa Aisien’s brainchild.

MBC is a fashion brand that dares to be different from what we normally see here in Nigeria- fashionable clothes made specially for fashionable curvy or plus size women, how fabulous and refreshing!

The collection pictured here see two curvy models in stylish, figure enhancing floral patterns, African prints, silk, lacey designs and clothing accessories.

MBC has special expertise in designing, fitting and styling the latest fashions to flatter the curvy woman.



The plus-size fashion represents the biggest opportunity in retail as an average woman is a UK size 14, it’s the most underserved market. What a breath of fresh air MBC brings to fashion.


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Phooshoot Credits
Creative Director: Ono Bello
Photographer: MoussaMoussa
Models: Kome & Sandra
Accessories: Nicole by Haguanna

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