Cross dresser takes to Instagram to properly slam Tunde Ednut

Host, Writer, Actor and 1st son of linda Ikeji, Godwin (@Onyxgodwin) recently slammed and battered Tunde Ednut via numerous Instagram post for continuously posting his pictures and insulting him.

Godwin went on to call Tunde a failed musician and comedian, who is desperately in search of relevance.

Below are Godwin’s posts:


@Tundeednut, I don’t know you, I don’t want to either. What I don’t understand is why you upload my pictures on your page and think it’s Okay to laugh at me and make your sick, demented and ignorant followers do same. I know you’re seeking relevance, i know you’ve FAILED in your music, comedy and tv careers, and the only way u feel important and validation now is through Instagram, but while at this, do not use me as a pawn, I don’t appreciate random people coming on my page to insult me because you put up my pictures on your page. OFTEN, BIGOTS LIKE YOU ALWAYS TURN OUT TO BE WHAT THEY’RE HATING. I WON’T BE SHOCKED IF IT’S REVEALED YOU LIKE GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS TOO. guy free me, it’s not by force. Stop uploading my pictures on your page. It’s tacky, disgusting, condescending and outrightly hateful. It’s not my fault you’re a failure and will forever be a failure. Look at all your mates that came back from the UK, they’re all doing well, but your own na to post pictures of others and make a mockery of them. I know you are a goat, but doesn’t mean u should behave like one and not be as classy as a cat. Bastard

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