Chris Brown’s Mom ‘Joyce Hawkins’ Defends Her Son Controversial Taliban Costume

23 year-old Chris Brown turned heads this week when he posted a controversial photo of him and his friends dressed as Arab warriors on Instagram before attending his girlfriend Rihanna Halloween Bash in West Hollywood. Where many fans blasted the singer for his choice of Halloween attire.

According to one critic:

“When people dress up as Mexican and native Indian called cultural appropriation, and it’s NOT okay. Also, this is probably the worst type of stereotyping ever. It’s not funny.” Another said, “It’s not just a costume. How would you feel if some white chick painted herself black and said, ‘I’m dressing up as a black chick for Halloween?’ Of course it’s only funny if it’s not happening to you.”

Another fan responded by saying:

“It’s F*cking Halloween, we/he can do whatever we/he wants… because it’s Halloween, duh. So take the stick out your asses and get over it. As a matter of fact, Go Express Yourselves”

Now, Breezy’s mom Joyce Hawkins had this to say about her son Taliban costume:

“Halloween is for fun, nothing more than just fun. Get a life please,” she wrote.

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