Chris Brown Cuts Off Instagram Page


After comparing himself to Jesus and getting hell for the comparison, Chris Brown has once again taken a leave from Instagram.

Before deleting every photo from his Instagram account Chris notified his followers of his departure:

“I would like to thank all my wonderful fans for letting me express my talents/art for you all.”

“But social media takes away the essence of why we are even special or icons. So with that, I’m detaching myself from that world.”

“Elevate yourself above the negative and if it doesn’t work move on! I respect myself enough as well as my fans to wanna be great!”


Apparently because it’s social media’s fault that he got into a fight with Mr. Francis Tenenbaum.  And then, the page went POOF.

 photo sa4yqy5y_zps84cbf4c0.jpg


It’s not the first (and probably not the last) time Chris has disconnected from social media out of anger.


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