Check On Osita Iheme’s Letter To African Teen

The 34-year old teen-looking actor has penned down a letter to African teens

Dear African Teen,
I always love to inspire you, to see you to take a cue from me and not give up on your dream not minding the circumstance, having you walk up to me and say “You inspired me to do this, I did this because you did it,” which is why I am so much inspired having this opportunity to talk to you directly. It is a great honour writing you the first of many letters you will be reading from great personalities every week courtesy of HEESA Foundation, I pray you make the most out of it.
The world keeps evolving and hence need human resources to match up with the challenges it presents, this is why every one of you must contribute to transforming our community for the better. Africa has been underserved, underprivileged and unfortunate for far too long, there is no more excuses for this. It is not enough to allow our expectations and sense of purpose evaporate because of our limited progress.
As a teenager I had reasons to give up on my dream but I chose to see myself as my own leader by putting up a bold front, being very optimistic, conquering and overcoming my challenges irrespective of my nature and other things surrounding my physical stature. I was able to set aside things that would bother or distract me and focus more on my goal. I may not have seen how far I would go but I believed something great was coming.

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