Charly Boy Leads Protesters to Block National Assembly Entrance

The main entrance gate of the National Assembly, have been blocked on Tuesday as scores of Nigerian protesters led by Charles Oputa, a.ka Charly Boy, shutdown the the main gate of the country’s lawmaking institution, seeking an end to corruption.
According to a report by Premium Times, the protesters, erected five tents in front of the Assembly’s gate and stationed a van, preventing movement to and from the Assembly complex.
Their demands include the death penalty as punishment for stealing public funds; a slash of salaries of political office holders by 70%; a stop of state/local government joint account; and public disclosure of details of National Assembly’s multi-billion naira budget.
The protesters – members of the “Occupy Unlimited,” described as a civil society group that advocates good governance and corruption free society – also want the National Assembly to review the constitution towards amending the clause that grants immunity to the president, vice-president, governors, and the deputy-governors.
They want the law amended so the officials can be tried for criminal matters while in office. They also want a unicameral legislature, asking that the Senate be scrapped.

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