Why I Changed My Name from Aimakhu – Actress Toyin Abraham

The former Toyin Aimakhu has revealed the reason behind her new name in a vlog session posted on YouTube.

According to her, she felt kinda reluctant dropping her popular name, but had to cede to the choice of her family.

Toyin said on her new YouTube Channel: ‘It’s a family decision, my dad’s name is Abraham and my forefather’s name is Aimakhu. It’s a family issue, it’s a family thing, it’s a family decision which I don’t wanna to discuss.’

She added: ‘They’ve actually asked me to change it like two-three years ago, I told them my brand, but now they insisted.’

It’s the second time the actress would be adopting a new name since she entered the Nigerian movie industry in 2005.

She dropped ‘Johnson’ after splitting from her ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson, in August 2015.

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