Buhari should speak to Nigerians via a Video Chat, instead of the circulation of pictures.

In the past few days, the social and traditional media has been rented with series of news and rumours that the President is dead, critically ill and was flown abroad in an emergency state, contrary to the information made available to Nigerians by the Presidency that Mr. Buhari is hale and hearty and having a vacation.

Since the different versions and reasons why Mr. President is in the UK is a speculation, and the Presidency has released two different photographs in a bid to convince the Nigerian people, and that has only ended up stirring more doubts, with news of possible extension to Mr Buhari’s stay abroad beyond 10 days.
Therefore we call on the President of Nigeria, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari to address the Nation via a Video chat which could be transmitted through the National Television Authority (NTA) and other independent Television Stations around the world.
Mr Buhari is an employee of the nation, as such, he should not keep his employers, the Nigerian people out of communication since he is just out on a Holiday and not a medical trip with the information made available by the Presidency. He is the same man who declared to be against the idea of going abroad to seek medicare, yet ever since his assumption of office as president, he travels abroad every so often for the medical treatment. In as much as we want to believe that he is Hale and hearty and on vacation, we demand that he clears the air, the doubts and the rumours by taking a bold step to speak on a video chat to Nigerians.
It is believed that Pictures can not depict the true state of President Buhari since he has not physically communicated with the people, however, a Video chat can do that to dispel all the rumors and make the Nigerian people to be cleared of any doubts from all the misinformation about his health and/or possible death all around in the media.
The Nigerian Wailers pray and wish him a safe return from his 10 days vacation in the United Kingdom which is billed to end by February 6th, 2017, if that is correct. The Nigerian people are equally looking forward to his return hoping that he must have relaxed enough, going by the other version of the story. And that he will begin to truly and sincerely change and return the country to the path of economic recovery for greater good of all Nigerians.
Furthermore, we call on all the Nigerian people to continue to wish the country the best always, and pray for better days.
Ibrahim Sani Ringim
National Publicity Secretary
The Nigerian Wailers
Headquarters, FCT, Abuja.

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