I Broke Up With The Love Of My Life For My Friend – Heartbroken Man

My love story

I met her about a year ago and i fell in love at first sight, she told me she was in a relationship but who cares? I wanted her and i was going to get her regardless of her relationship status.
I am a gentleman who knows his way around girls so it was quite easy to convince her to date me and trust me she is one of the most amazing girls ever.
Fast forward to months later when i met a cool dude through a business deal, we became fast friends because we clicked really well. I quickly found out that the girl he was always talking about is my girl. I finally knew what being heartbroken meant when he showed me her picture.


I eventually had to break up with her because i just couldn’t imagine him finding out i am dating his girl, it would break his heart.
Now almost everyday i have to listen to him tell me about her and my heart breaks all over again every time i see them together. I am still in love with her and can’t seem to move on. He knows i am heartbroken but he doesn’t know the details.
This is my cross to bear and i gladly carry it for friendship.

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