Brazil Chose Populist, Right Wing Candidate As President

Brazil has elected a far right populist, Jair Bolsonaro as President in what was a divisive election and campaign.

Jair Bolsonaro, who presented himself as the alternative to the status quo and is a keen admirer of the country’s military dictatorship and like Trump, said he would jail his opponents.

His victory took advantage of the wide spread resentment and disenfranchisement amongst many in Brazil who complained about the economy and insecurity in the country.

Brazil, South America’s biggest country is currently in the midst of the biggest recession in its history and a corruption scandal that has left many in the country seeking for change.

Bolsonaro joins the ranks of recent elected conservative President in the region, which includes that of Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, and Columbia.

Bolsonaro, 63, a former army captain has said he would appoint former army generals into posts and also threatened not to accept the result if he lost.

Bolsonaro, who has been a member of congress for almost 30 years said US. President, Donald Trump has called to congratulate him on his victory.

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