The real estate industry is globally known for its innovation, and it continues to grow. In Nigeria, the sector has also advanced as a result of new technology, demand for home and property ownership, luxury and development capabilities.

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One of the most common ways one can build wealth and financial security is through real estate. However, there are many factors one must consider before investing in this sector. Evermark Homes & Properties Ltd has assisted many individuals in navigating through the various steps involved in the real estate investment process.

Despite the competition in the market, Evermark Homes & Properties has maintained its position as one of the leading and most trusted real estate firms in Nigeria. There are two main ways to invest in the country’s real estate market: buy an existing home or build one from scratch. Through Evermark Homes & Properties, over 1,000 individuals have become property owners in the past couple of years.

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Evermark is reputable for providing a wide range of bespoke services and solutions to its clients. The firm has maintained its integrity by developing a brand identity that is both distinctive, compelling and forward thinking. The firm’s core values of innovation, versatility, timely delivery, customer satisfaction and teamwork have been reinforced through a complete overhaul of its brand identity which commences a new era for the firm. The unveiling video below reveals the firm’s new brand identity and theme.

Adekunle Israel Ibrahim CEO Evermark
Adekunle Israel Ibrahim CEO Evermark

Evermark is dedicated to making luxury more accessible to the middle and high net worth class. The firm’s new logo represents the fundamental requirement for any building’s structural integrity. “Every structurally sound building must have pillars. The grouped lines in pairs of three’s (3’s) in the logo are symbolic for Pillars”. The CEO of EvermarkAdekunle Israel Ibrahim, further shares about the motive behind the new logo. “The characteristics of a Pillar are strength, fidelity and integrity, because it is what guarantees that the Pillar can carry the required weight. Also, they’re a total of Nine (9) lines, which in number symbolism represent Faith & Passion; two critical values in our corporate DNA.

BTS Evermark Promo Video 2

The business character of Evermark Homes & Properties Limited is one that symbolically represents strength, fidelity and integrity because these define the guarantees that clients are looking for in their real estate provider. This new identity and rebranding births a new era of growth, goals, and what is to come.”

BTS Evermark Promo Video 2

The team behind the design of the logo, led by the Chief Design Officer, Mr. Dayo Abiola expressed that the Evermark logo and corporate identity system is a pace setter. “It is a total and evident departure from the many typical roof and house idea that floods the real estate market space in Nigeria. Thus; singularly proving the uniqueness of Evermark as a luxury conscious brand. Luxury is the work of a great mind, it is hard work, it is perfection – Federic Malle”.


You can see the various behind-the-scene images of Evermark’s luxury style apartment below; It’s a property that is both appealing to the eye and one’s taste and standard. The ambience is welcoming and homely, it is also a place that one would want to stay in and call home.

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