Bella, Sheggz Issued First Strikes for Disobedience and Provocation

Two housemates of the Big Brother Naija season 7, Sheggz and Bella, have been given a strike each for noncompliance and provocation respectively.

Biggie made the statement when he assembled the housemates in the lounge on Sunday evening, concisely before the live eviction show.

While giving his judgement, Big Brother knocked Sheggz for not taking part in the retribution that was allocated to him (Sheggz).

Earlier in the week, Sheggz was made the tail of the house and was asked to serve any of the housemate who asked for his help; an act he failed to do.

Thereby, Biggie found Sheggz guilty of disobedience and disregard for his (Biggie’s) instructions.

On her part, Bella was accused of provocation when she met face to face with Rachel over an argument on food; which later led to wastage of the food.

For that reason, Big Brother also issued Bella a strike while Rachel received a warning for getting riled up by Bella’s actions.

Problem started on Wednesday night when Bella requested for beef when Rachel was dishing out food for the housemates.

Rachel told her that beef was not kept for Bella but later gave her the beef.

Sheggz became resentful about Rachel’s actions and called her stupid; an action that irritated Rachel who also said Sheggz’s generation was stupid.

During the argument, Bella pushed the food in front of Rachel and it poured on the table.

After Biggie played the clip of the incident for the housemates on Sunday evening, he reminded Bella and Sheggz that if they received two more strikes each, they’ll be disqualified from the show.

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