BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Yousef Diary Room Session

He feels Saga is a game player

He also feels Jaypaul doesn’t like him, but he knows he’s talented.

He said Cross is a funny guy

He has energy. He hopes the friendship is real.

He also understands Saskay.. she is young and strong.

Beatrice, she feels she is not among. He thinks something is bothering her

Liquorose, he feels she is talented and very sensitive.  He feels she’s been through alot, and that she is nice to him and pays attention to him.

Do this observation based on assumptions or questions you asked them:

I asked Liquorose, and she confirmed

For Jay Paul, it’s based on assumptions

For peace, its not based on assumptions.

Speaking of Peace, did you anticipate she will choose you as the deputy HOH

No, I didn’t see it coming.

I think out of all the guys, apart of yerins, I thinks I talk deep, calm and emotional that could fit for her deputy.

But at the arena, I didn’t expect it.

I was happy she picked me, because I needed it. And it helped because right now I feel better than I arrived and I feel like I should say thank you to her.

Yusef, Let’s talk about wild card, do.you think the housemates will pass the simple challenge.

Yes Big Brother, I’m not sure, but I believe Big Brother can change the rules,  and he is monitoring everything. I believe the wild card can change any moment.

I’m not sure the housemates can predicts them.

He said he is not sure

Would you like to discuss anything else with Big Brother

I have a feeling going the housemates thinks I’m the wild card.

I think I feel they are more prepared than me. I feel like they don’t know my greatest strength. And it bothers me.

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