BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Saga’s Diary Room Session


How are you feeling today?

I’m feeling good, I’m just worried about the whole wild cards.

Do you think the house will pass the challenge  of identifying the wild card?

Well, I think 50/50 for now, but let see if before Saturday night we would be able to shake the table.

Share your opinion of the wild card.

I feel we can be active as a group so that we can drive out a point.

Information you have learnt about your Fellow Housemate ?

Arin, she told me about her relationship and the guy that defrauded him and how she called the US and got him arrested. Her father is polygamous and she is an artist

I also spoke with Jackie B, she told me about her son.

What are the impact of this information in you?

I feel everyone is strong, because of their experiences. They all have strong and inspiring stories

How is the preparation of the task of celebrating of Nigeria going?

We are making major progress, it just to put a few piece to make it fine

Because we are creative, so everyone has an opinion, so we took some things back and we are able to make a lot of progress

Would you like to discuss anything with Big Brother.

I still feel lonely though we have alot of people. We need gym mat

The people that follow to my spec are

Nini but she is seems she’s for the street

Maria and maybe Saskay.

Bigbrother asked him why he is bothered about heart break

He said he’s trying to pull up, because he catches feelings a lot.

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