BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Liquorose’s Diary Room Session

BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Liquorose’s Diary Room Session

How are you feeling today?

I’m fine, I have lost my voice, but I’m doing well.

Information on your Housemates?

It’s about Beatrice, I feel she might be the wild card, because she is sometimes high and sometimes she is low

Saskay, because she is reserved too and has the same occupation with Beatrice

Do you think the housemates will successfully identify the wild card?

I’m not sure, because it seems the wild card doesn’t know they are the wild card.

What are your thought on the HOH game?

I feel the game is a game of luck, especially when you have to throw a dice.

Will you like to discuss anything with Big Brother ?

I have migrane that keeps going on and on, I need medicine

And she asked Big Brother about the clues to know the wild cards.

Big brother told her to discuss with the housemates

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