BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Jaypaul’s First Dairy Room Session

How does it feel to be in the Big Brother House

I feel blessed,  I can’t explain it

It’s nice getting to hear your voice.

What are your opinions of the fellow Housemate

It was fun, the click with the guys was fun

The prank in the girls and all

It was an amazing one.

What do you think from your Fellow Housemate

Everyone has an amazing story

It was a nice selection

Which of your Fellow Housemate are you bonding with

Boma, he is simple and unproblematic

I like the Vibes of Princess

I have bonded with everyone but those ones are special.

Your experience in Isolation

I realized I could think, it was hard

The isolation was tingling, it therapeutic at the same time

But it was hard

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