BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Jaypaul Diary’s Room Session

How are you feeling today?

I feel good.

It’s not easy getting to know these many people, everyone is forming detective because of the wild card.

Do you think the housemates would identify the wild card successfully ?

I’m not sure if we can find the wild card because everybody has a story

Information on the fellow Housemate you have learnt.

I tried to get to know a lot of people

I got to know Princess, her story is inspiring  as a Taxi Driver

Arin is intelligent and like an encyclopedia, she is so brilliant

I got to know Angel, her name is perfect for her, she is strong even at 21. Her story was touching.

And for them male, Boma, he turned out to be a Clown, how he made us laugh naturally

Cross too, his humility is another lever, he basically had everything and he is still hustling. Listening to their story made me realise I’m blessed  being here

What do you think about the new HOH?

I knew the task would be difficult as the first HOH

She is doing fine, she has done an amazing job as the first HOH

She is been good

He asked Big Brother if the wild card knows they are the wild card or not.

He thinks Beatrice is the female wild card and thinks Niyi is the Male Wild Card.

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