BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Emmanuel’s First Diary Room Session

Your experience in the house so far?

It’s been amazing and inspiring getting to know different house mate one on one.

The experience has been good

The house is beautiful  and I’m ready to enjoy my self.

What do you think of your Fellow Housemate

They are unique in their ways, They are ambitious, smart and intelligent. They are open. It feels real, its a good thing for a start.

Which if them do you see your self bonding with.

I see my self bonding with Boma, Jaypaul,  Pere… they are open, cool and beautiful

I see one or two bonds anong the girls too

Which girl do you see bonding with?

LiquorRose, Nini I’m still observing the rest.

Why do you see your self bonding with them

It’s time for me, I’ve checking and I’ve been waiting

The Vibes so far has been encouraging.  So with time, the vibe might click.

Isolation Time

Honestly, it was really boring.

It wasn in for me at all

I’m not sure I can go through that experience again

But I used that period to think alot

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