BBNAIJA SEASON 6: Angel, Second Housemate In The Diary Room

Angel is the second housemate in the Diary room where she was asked few questions by Biggie.

How does it feel to be in the Big Brother House?

For now it feels unreal,

What do you think with your Housemate?

For now she likes all the house mate, they are really cool people

Who do you see your self blending with?

She likes Beatrice,  Jackie B and Arin

She hasn’t blended with the guys yet

Why do you like these Housemate

She  likes loud people,  which Beatrice is… she likes Arin cause she is supportive and her kind of person

JackieB is beautiful she likes beautiful ppl

Do you have any strategy to form with these 3??

Her reply was No

What are your experience and lesson when you were in isolation 

It was a crying moment for her,

Her biggest lesson is learning how to be alone and be comfortable 

And learning how to attack her wild thought without avoiding the them.

You said something about negative thought, kindly expand. 

She has dealt with depression for a long time and she has been trying to falling back into self harming.

Big brother hope the fine arrange would help her heal and relax

What would you like to ask Big Brother?

She discovered her microphone breaks and the part of her mic wire  is exposed.

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