BBNAIJA LEVEL UP: Ilebaye Opens Up – “ I Would Have Kissed Dotun If He Was in Level Two”

It’s another episode of unfiltered with Olorisupergal and our guest on this episode is no other person than the delectable and Gorgeous Gen Z, Ilebaye – the former housemate of the Big Brother Naija, Season 7.

In this episode, the host of the show, Tosin Ajibade started by asking Ilebaye a question that has to do with the pronunciation of her name.

Asides from Biggie calling you Ilebaye, which other housemate calls you that name? “Phyna and Kess”

You were super chilled when Beauty took off your hat, what was going through your mind then?First of all, she is my friend and I told myself to be calm as she might be drunk or tipsy if I react/stand, she might just hit me or do something that would get her disqualified so, I was calm.”

Were you conscious of her not being disqualified?Yeah. I didn’t want her to do more than that because two people can’t just be shouting. So, one person needs to be calm and I didn’t want her to be disqualified.”

A night before the eviction show, you were in bed with Kess and you tried to get a kiss from him, what made you attracted to Kess? First, I’m not attracted to Kess in any way, because he’s like a brother to me, like someone I can talk to when I’m down, that night, I think I was tipsy. 

If Dotun was in your house, would you have kissed him? Probably 

Are you interested in Dotun? No, I don’t know, like he is a calm person, he was there as a friend the last night and I wanted to know him.

What happened between you and Chichi? Phyna told me he likes Groovy and Groovy told me he likes Chomzy but that was after the party, Phyna was dancing alone instead of dancing with Groovy. So, I tried to pair Groovy and Phyna when Chichi left and she walked up to me and said; why are you such a lonely pained bitch and I was like really? But I didn’t want to react because I was tipsy.

You had your eyes on some guys in level one; Adekunle and Deji? No, I only liked Adekunle’s voice because he sounded like Biggie a little bit and Deji… no, I just danced with him because he is a bad boy.

Which friendship did you cherish the most at your level? The only person I thought was a friend before the incident was Beauty, right from the first time we met, our connection tapped and when she said I held her, I felt she is blunt and outspoken and I like people like that. I like the fact that she got my back even when I was complaining about my acne, she noticed it when I was down.

Now that you are out of the house, are you going to reconnect with Beauty? In the house, since she didn’t even trust me as she had me in mind, I won’t take the friendship further, if I’m friends with you, I want you to trust me, I don’t know but I don’t force friendship, if it flows, it’s fine.

When you were in the house, did you feel you were responsible for her disqualification? Nope, though Biggie said I provoked her

Talking about friendships at your level, you and Modella didn’t get along, did anything happen? I was pissed because of the edge control stuff, I felt she is someone that if you use her stuff, she’s going to say that I gave you this and that.

What was your experience like in Biggie’s house? Every day is always fun in the house, the tasks… I was nonchalant, I regret not putting effort into the tasks.

Did you school in Ghana? No, my English teacher is Ghanaian and I love Ghanaian, I was studying her so it got used to me and that’s it.

Tell me about your friendship with Bryann, did you have any feelings for him or was he just your friend? At first, I saw him as a friend because he looks like Rema, I thought he wanted to use me to catch cruise. The fights were just misunderstandings.

If you have any advice for anyone who wants to go into the Big Brother Naija house, what would you say? Just be yourself and be confident, don’t have a double mind.

Watch the full interview below:

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