BBNAIJA LEVEL UP: Deji Opens Up – “Chichi Shouting in the House was Self-Defense”

On another episode of Unfiltered with Olorisupergal, we were honored to have the presence of a man that is tall, dark, and handsome, and the eight evicted housemate from the Big Brother Naija Level up show which is Deji.

The interview started with the host; Tosin Ajibade complimenting our amazing guest, Deji about his looks and outfit, and he disclosed that the boots were gotten from Biggie or one of the sponsors.

Let’s talk about the opening show:

“That wasn’t really what I wanted to wear, but the designer that gave me the cloth was like just go with this and people are going to talk about the fits”

You look cool and calm, is this how you’ve always been?

This is how I am, I’m sure you watched the show, I was just reserved like I’m cool.

What was your first thought when you were told you’ll be a fake housemate? I’ve always wanted to be on the show, I just wanted to because I felt I was just doing my 9-5 and it was boring and I felt like I needed to get a wider audience, I applied last year and I didn’t get in and I applied this year and it was funny that they never told me I was going to be a fake housemate up until the day I was going in”

Your first week on the show, you were close with Doyin, what put you off? I feel like we were both at fault, for me she came to me and I realized she probably likes me but it wasn’t mutual at that time, the way she talks to me created a real mountain in front of us”

What was it about Chichi that made you choose to be with her? For Chichi, she wasn’t doing her consistency in an annoying way like Doyin, I know Chichi likes me from the first week, second and third week, but I was maintaining my motive of not wanting to be on any ship and just being cool with everyone and ships in that house was going like if you’re in a ship, you can’t flow with other people and I didn’t go the house for just one person. We started getting close when I noticed her sweetness“

Why did you lie to Big Brother about telling Doyin that you were a fake housemate? I didn’t lie, I only told her I won’t be here for long after the HOH games”

There was some cuddling going on under the duvet between yourself and Chichi, who initiated it? I think we both did because it was mutual and we were really gone and we were just happy, we knew we were tipsy and we weren’t drunk and I had a feeling that I could go the next day, but I still wasn’t sure”

As a fake housemate, do you feel you carried out Biggie’s instructions in the house to the best of your ability? Yeah, I want to believe so, I did. The dramatic one was when he wanted me to switch levels and he told me to complain, I feel like I did, and if I didn’t, I might not have gotten the extra week he gave me”

A lot of Deji fans would like to know if you’ll be continuing your relationship with Chichi outside the house: It depends, we only know a few things about ourselves and I was having a chat today and people were saying almost everybody in the house lied about her age and all those things would matter because I feel like she might be lying about other things when she comes out, I’m down to getting to know her, go out on dinner date bla bla bla”

Let’s talk about Diana and yourself: I like Diana because I feel like she’s a well-cultured lady, she’s someone I’d love to be around, go to parties, travel and all”

Tell us your experience so far: I feel like one of the most interesting parts I’ll miss in the house are the tasks, wager, and assignment. It makes us leave our comfort zone and explore”

Who are your top three favorite housemates? Dotun, Chichi and Giddyfia

Who are your top three winners? Phyna, Bryann, and Hermes

What’s next for Deji? Prior to the house, I was involved in so many things like; fashion, modeling, content creation, 9-5, and I want to add more things.

Watch the full video in the link below:

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