BBNAIJA LEVEL UP CHAT: “I Want To See Doyin Win The Money” – Cyph

We had a honor to chat with the amazing former Big Brother Naija housemate, Cyph who is a tech entrepreneur with focus in UI/UX design and a nice guy.

In our exclusive interview with Cyph titled Unfiltered With Olorisupergal, he was asked questions about his life before entering the house, while he was in the house and after his eviction.

When asked about how he is doing, he said; “I’m alright. Though, being evicted kind of destabilize me, but I am moving on to the next thing’’

During the interview with Cyph, he was asked so many questions like the meaning of his name which he explained the meaning of his name, Cyph as an acronym for “Creativity Youth Photography”, a name he came up with in his 300 level as an undergraduate when he was practicing his photography skills.

Cyph while sharing his experience in Biggie’s house narrated his first feeling when he got the qualification message and also told us about his intuition when he got to the house and how small the room was and how he was intrigued as he had already seen the room of the previous housemates.

When asked about his reason for not connecting with any female housemates in level 2 romantically, Cyph said “If I’m being honest and I don’t want to sound like a bad person, I just wasn’t attracted to anyone even though I was attracted to Daniella at first, but I need to respect the bro code because Khalid was already in love with her. After Daniella, the rest are more like friend and I see Amaka as a sister”

While speaking, Cyph spoke about how he has handled people like Beauty that was disqualified 2 weeks after the show started.

Cyph feels that he left a mark in the house when being asked about his experience in the house, he said; “everybody knows that I’m a competitive person, and they know that when it comes to task, I give my all to it and I made sure that I was living my real life inside the life, everything you saw for that two weeks was me”.

We noticed that you turned a blind eye to ladies in your level, tell us about your relationship with Doyin – “First thing first, the first week, like the HOH games, I actually didn’t know anything about the females because I was all about the competition and I know that there will be a wager task, so that was when I got to look at everybody’s face and Doyin caught my fancy… there is something about her like I vibe with her personality and in as much as we were having the wager task, we were having fun in the process, she’ll make a face and i’ll look at her and it kept on going like that… Hahaha”

He continued “Even when she won the wager, she was still nice and I walked up to her, then we connected then, on Saturday night, regardless of what happened we actually talked a little bit outside and I got a glimpse of her reasoning, her personality, and she’s a straightforward person and I knew that I can work on this and see where it goes… We actually exchanged bracelets for the main time”

The kiss you guys shared in the laundry area after the Saturday Night party, do you feel the attraction was mutual and will your fanbase see more romantic moments between yourself and Doyin? “Well, I don’t have telepathy so I can’t actually know what’s in her mind, but I do know that there was a connection, what that connection will be, I’ll find out after two months when everything is over. Two months in that house can mess up someone’s mind and there’s a possibility that you might survive with someone and get to catch feelings again and I’m also prepared for that and it’s not going to make me hate her or anything, I just understand that it’s one of those things, regardless of the situation, I do like her and with or without the extra, we will still be talking”

As a tech entrepreneur, can you tell us more about that side of you, what should we expect?I’m a tech designer, I design mobile apps, software, and websites. I design tech products for brands and agencies at the same time, I want to own a creative advertising and marketing agency and I also want to branch into NFTs”

Can you tell us the top three housemates you connected with on both levels?I connected with Doyin, Khalid, and Beauty. If I’m to add one more person, I connected with Bryann”

Watch the full video below:

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