BBNAIJA 2022: “I Wasn’t Trying to Break the Rules” – Amaka

Most people may know her as Aljazeera 1 of Big Brother Naija Level Up Season show, but her name is Amaka and she was our guest on a new episode of ‘Unfiltered With Olorisupergal” with Tosin Ajibade as the host.

Amaka is full of life and also vibrant and her presence will be missed on the show, but we asked her some questions you might want to know.

How has it been since you left the house? “I’ve been soaking in everything, it was not easy on me going to the fact that I already had a rough week and it wasn’t easy, it was like problems and trouble were chasing me up and down so I’ve just been trying to get it in.”

Tell us your truth about the wildfire that happened on Monday week 5? “Everyone knows my truth and my truth is that I never told Chichi anything like that which she also said that I never told her, I do not think Chichi is one to defend me. We know that Chichi is extraordinary, she would have spoken, we were actually speaking about Giddyfia and Deji, remember that Giddyfia and Deji just moved to my level and I was like I’m going to just go for this guy and Chichi was like please take care of him for me and I was telling her you to carry fish go put for rats and she was like that’s my man…”

Phina didn’t remember that you told her or what. “I don’t know if she didn’t and I’m sure it’s everywhere. People that had the video, it was there and she was just saying Groovy is hers and no one can come to him.

Tell us about your relationship with Phyna in the house: “Our relationship was a close-knit one from my point of view, I liked Phyna, and I’m not one to toy with my friendships, I believe in friendships, loyalty, and then to the best of my knowledge I was loyal to her and Groovy matter came to test our friendship and I tried to stand for our friendship and that was it, I loved her energy, we were just entertaining each other.”

You told Biggie that Phyna betrayed you, is it because of the Groovy thing or it was something else again? “After Phyna betrayed me, which was because I was having cold feet, Phyna knew I liked Groovy which I did not know that she liked Groovy too and she did not tell me and I was expecting her to tell me but everybody with their personality and I was trying to tell her after giving me the ginger to go for Groovy with a parcel with Phyna’s property instead of Amaka’s property. For me, it was like the mission and it was something else for me and a hard one”.

How did you take it because it also affected your friendship? “I was so hurt at the moment, I was very hurt that week and that was where I felt betrayed”.

Since both levels emerged, was this your way of living out your dream as requested in Biggie’s house? “No, that was a case of being careful of what you wish for me, I never knew that the other level was going to be like that and even if I wanted to go, I would have loved to go with Phyna before the whole saga, so me wanting to leave was just running away from Groovy and Phyna, but not me going to be with Giddyfia. That was there but it wouldn’t have been the reason why I wanted to just leave but me leaving my comfort zone was not reason enough for me leave, then the issue with Bryann was because our personalities did not just match… I never knew Phyna and I were drifting apart, I then had to be close to Diana because that space was also very important to me.”

Now that you are out, do you know some of the housemates who actually put you up for possible eviction? “I’ve not gotten to my phone yet so I really don’t know”.

Who in your head would you think put you up? “The first person, Giddyfia because I told him that I would put him up and I did so, I like him but I nominated him out of anger and because he was fake in my own story. He can be whatever in another person’s story”

Did you know about the triangle between Giddyfia, Rachel, and Diana?We’ll, I accidentally asked Diana on several occasions if she liked Giddyfia and she told me no, she asked me to go for him. She even introduced both of us together”.

How did you feel when Rachel and Diana had their back and forth? “When I came out, the whole thing had already happened, I was trying to understand and nobody wanted to tell me and Diana wouldn’t talk to me that night and Rachel was having some same words with me, how would I have found out then? When I got upstairs, it was only the privilege of Deji coming downstairs and I got the information from him and the next day, I had to start scouting from the information Chichi and Doyin gave”

Let’s talk about your wig: “I was actually thinking my robe would be famous but it is my wig. That wig was just like casual day stuff, the wig was just speaking my personality”

Tell us what was going on in Amaka’s how and how things were going against her in Biggie’s house: “I honestly do wouldn’t know, I was just even telling Biggie it seems like one week of trouble like there was a problem and he was just chasing me. So it was just hard for me and I was still trying to understand the whole merger, how do I stand out now as there are different personalities? From Amaka is nice and calm to what’s this, what’s that. It was just a stressful week for me…when Biggie called us to the garden room, I felt a technician came to repair the microwave”

Talking about singing, you did a lot of that in the house, should we be expecting a song anytime soon? “I don’t think so”

Tell us the origin of your name ‘Makky B”“Well, it just originated from my head, Makky from Amaka and B from Beyoncé”

Would you consider yourself a rule breaker or a non-conformist? “I don’t think that would have been the reason why they put me up, the whole drama and everything was just the reason, me trying to explain myself and they expected me to say this and that, but they do not know that people have experienced things in this life… for the rules, I wasn’t trying to break the rules because normally, I’m just a carefree person sometimes, I just forget like…”

What should we be expecting from you in the future? “I’m very much open to acting, influencing and so many more as long as it adds value to Makky B.

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