Hello, welcome to another interesting episode of unfiltered with Olorisupergal and with me today, I have a special guest here, she is the ninth evicted housemate of Big brother Naija’s level-up show. she has a skincare brand, she is gonna pursue and is also a businesswoman. she also speaks four different languages and with me today is Diana.

Even though you told Amaka to be with Giddifia, you seemed a lot bit upset about Giddifia’s behavior. what was that thing that stopped you from talking to Giddifia? I stopped talking to him because I felt disrespected at that point. It is true that Amaka came to me that she was feeling something for Giddifia, I was very comfortable, I felt very comfortable because we were besties and of course, I will even help you run it. I become upset when I found out he was entertaining myself, and her at the same time.

would you see your breakup with Giddifia as a good thing or a bad thing?
it was not a breakup o, because we never dated officially. He was my bestie, confidant, you know that things happen for a reason, I am grateful, because, after that, I started to get my independence in the house, which means we were not talking again. Women have to learn how to do that especially when they feel disrespected.

in the past 2 weeks, before the eviction, you seem to come out of your shell a little bit more, can you tell us what changed? You had a conversation with modella and Allysyn about skincare: At that point, in level 1 since day 1, they have been complimenting my skin, if they have pimples or rashes, they will come and see me as if I was the doctor of the skin. Now, when the skincare week came, the fact that we have one girl Modella, who will run it, of course, and level 1 was like Modella, okay sure. I felt so bad because of what happened when I entered the house, I noticed that I was the oldest person in the house, so I have to act more mature. On a normal, ‘I will be the last born, I don’t act with maturity, I like to be pampered.

Any task we have, if we are in the arena and we have a team of five, we have to be 4 in the game, if you ask anybody to stay on the bench, they will say, why me, what have I done, it’s too much, I always try to be matured the one you people should go, I will sit, even though, I can do better than someone on the ground.

we also noticed you were close to Adekunle in the house. would you call him, your closest friend? I think my closest friend was Eloswag like he was my everything, he is the first person that welcomed me into the house. Anytime, I had a bad moment, he was there for me, he would clean my tears. For Adekunle, something happened, he started getting close to Allysyn, is when I saw the beauty of Adekunle is when I saw the beauty of Adekunle.

was there any female housemate in the housemate, you would call a friend? I would say Allysin, for me, she is 100% real, she is herself confused but she is herself and it’s what I like about her.

I vibe with Doyin also but she is someone I look forward to meeting outside the house because I can see that, I don’t know if a strategy or I can’t explain it, but I want to start a clean friendship.
Chomzy, I love Chomzy.

in the house, we never saw you cook: wait, before entering the house, you didn’t see what I said, I don’t like to cook, I can cook o, but it’s when someone comes to my house, I will cook for sure but for myself, I can not enter the kitchen, for 45 minutes.

You and Deji talked about traveling to France, tell us more : Deji is a mature, fine guy, hot cake when he came, I was like wahala, so, on the first day, we spoke briefly, and the next day also, I saw that he started to move to other housemates. we didn’t interact in the house but he is someone, I will love to know more about like outside the house.

What is one regret, you will say you have in this show? the regret, I had on this show, is the fact that I was not able to show myself like my real self, am a drama queen, and extrovert but on a very low key, I do what I need to do, I don’t do too much and the fact that going there, seeing that, the housemate are younger, it can be my personality, I was too quiet in the house.

Tell us some of your favorite moments in the house: The first day, like the stage, meeting Ebuka for the first time, entering the house, meeting my fellow housemates. It was amazing, I will remember that day all my life. The second one, maybe the first Saturday night party, mixed with everyone.

In the last task, you took a funny role, should your fans be expecting a comedy skit from you anytime soon? As I said, am open-minded, and am looking forward to exploring different things so let’s see why not.

What should your fans expect from you? I think my fans, should expect the real Diana, very giving, shiny lovely sunshine. I look forward to them discovering the real Diana.

There is one thing that caught my attention, which is your diary session like you are the queen of diary sessions. There was a particular week, you told Biggie to buy you salt.

it was not like that, it was like it came out of proportion. Like we don’t even know again that people are watching. that day, I was embarrassed but for me, I didn’t know that you people see all the diary sessions. so, going to the diary too., for me, it’s like confessing to Big Brother. for me, it’s like it’s me and him, Nobody else, no housemate, so am very free, saying that, I just wanted him to help us with salt. At first, I wanted to tell him, that if he can send Ninja, that was the plan.

Who do you think, will win the show? it’s a very good question, to be honest, at first, I thought Eloswag, from the inside of the house perspective but not coming out, I believe, I will mention different names, whether Hermes, Phyna, Groovy, Bryann, and Chomzy.

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