Sir Dauda born Oluwatobiloba Dawudu is a Nigerian sensation, singer and songwriter. He is redefining the Nigerian music scene with his unique sound. Sir Dauda brings an alternative sound that is undeniably unique, embodying a fusion of alternative RnB and afrobeat genres. His connection to music is fuelled by his art, environment, deep musical passion and a rich repertoire of past experiences and future aspirations.

Landlord is the first single under his record label Bahd Guy Record, T. The song will be released on Feburary 8th 2019 on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Youtube.

¬†Landlord, is a feel-good anthem for those who believe in who they are, recognize where they are in life and are working to better their circumstances. It draws from the idea of a Landlord, (land owner and person of means and resources), who in the Nigerian society is symbol of success and security and celebrates the fact that through hardwork and perseverance, everyone can find the greatness inside them. “The song was a way for me to reflect on my journey, count my blessings and channel my aspirations for the future”. We are great simply because we are able to tap into the greatness inside.

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