Bad Things Do Not Happen On A Friday

There is something about Friday that makes it a happy day, it is not necessarily about being the official last day of work for the week but it also brings with it a special kind of aura in the air.

It is not really true though that bad things don’t happen on Fridays but that’s how it mostly feels. Your mind tends to focus more and more on the coming weekend which makes you forget your troubles. You feel you can do anything. On some occasions, if something bad happens, you also tend to get over it faster.


Are you thinking of making a demand and you are scared of it being rejected? Friday is the day to do it. No one says NO on a Friday as most people are always in a good mood on this day, i guess it should also be called Demand Day.

Kick off your shoes, turn up the music and enjoy the good things to happen on a Friday.

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