ASUU rejects Confab, advocates socialist state for Nigeria

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has declared that the on-going National Conference cannot solve the nation’s problems.

President of the Union, Dr. Nasir Isa, said what the nation needs ‘is a struggle for the transformation of the country into a socialist welfare state and not a device for perpetuating the rule of the rich, powerful and corrupt”.

The Union stated this Tuesday during a press briefing held at the University of Calabar.

According to the union leader, the tools that can be used to confront the domination of Nigeria are both structural and instrumental.

Dr. Isa said there is the need for a genuine people’s workers party, organized with full lessons from past effort. “The party must be organized to meet the challenges of forging the building of a Nigeria where nations and individuals live in freedom and happiness”.


He lamented the current security situation of the country, saying that the foundation of the country is being shaken by insurgency, mindless criminality and deep ethical decay. “The agents of death and destruction are stalking the Nigerian street with monstrous basket full debilitating diseases, abject poverty and embarrassing level of unemployment”.

He added that the problems facing the nation is beyond lamentations but requires urgent attention.

The ASUU president also said that reasons for the nation’s myriad of problems are results of some deep-rooted economic factors and social forces. He cited sense of powerlessness and frustrating feeling amongst others problems as Nigerian’s problems and part of the reasons for the country’s problems.

The union rejected the conference in its entirety, saying that “the National Conference, in its conception abs initio, was conceived without democratic, national debate, affirmation through a legitimating procedure in the democratic political institutions of the country. Its conception was arbitrary, it executors handpicked, and its execution tele-guided to attain the goals of its originators. The conference that emerged is dominated by representatives of political-military-business wings of self-game groups/class that have created and sustained the political and economic crisis suffered by our country and its people, with tokenism participation of representatives of dominated groups and classes”.

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