Astrid Has Been Hit Hard By Life, Help Her Get Back Up Stronger

Astrid, also known as Ada, is a Nigerian-German, a wife and a mother of two lovely
boys. Like you and I, she lived a normal life till cancer crept in, hitting her hard.
Currently battling with a severe form of blood cancer- Acute Myeloid Leukemia, she is in
urgent need of a stem cell/ bone marrow donor.
What is peculiar about Astrid’s case is the fact that it is extremely difficult for people of
mixed ethnic origin like her to find a suitable stem cell/ bone marrow donor. In the world,
less than 3% of people registered as donors have a mixed ethnic background.
We are using this opportunity to make an open call to individuals of African-European or
African-Caucasian descent to help Ada stay alive to take care of her two lovely boys by
being a stem cell/ bone marrow donor.
Give her hope for life and a chance to see her boys grow to become men. If any of your
parents come from West Africa, ideally Nigeria; from the ethnic group of Ibo/ Igbo and
the other from Europe, you can save Astrid’s life by volunteering to be a donator.

Visit to learn more and give a helping hand.

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