Alex Badeh’s Killers Reveal How They Planned His Murder

Detectives from the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) have revealed how the former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh was killed.

Alex Badeh was murdered on December 18, 2017 along the Keffi- Kaduna Expressway while he was returning from his farm in Nasarawa State.

The four men who were believed to have carried out the act have been arrested by the police. Another man, who is alleged to have been their informant was also arrested.

The police arrested Rabo Shuiabu Rabo, who allegedly fired the shot that killed Badeh, on December 23, 2018. He later confessed and named another man,  Ciroma and his brother, Yahaya.

Narrating how he organised the robbery operation that led to the killing of the late ex-CDS, Ciroma said: “There was a day I went to meet a man called Maube, who lives in Kare, close to Panda area of Nasarawa State. He told me that there was a rich man who had a farm in his area and he would need some boys to rob the man.

“I contacted one Shuiabu who I met in Gitata Market and told him about the plan and he got interested and brought in his brother, Yahaya.

“I took their numbers, and three days later, Maube called me and said that the rich man was in his farm on that day, saying that I should call my boys. I called Shuiabu and told him that the man was on ground and Shuiabu brought two persons: Yahaya and Baso.

“They met me at Gitata and Maube called me and said that the rich man had left the farm and was driving through Panda Road. Maube took a motorcycle and followed the rich man behind while I and six others, namely Alhaji Lamido, Galma, Rabo, Shuiabu, Yahaya and Baso, waited for the man at Zomgo area of the state, close to Buratai’s farm.

“Then Abdulahi, who was carrying Alhaji Maube on his bike, brought two guns to us and pointed the vehicle to us, and we came outside and waylaid it.

“We had four Ak-47 rifles in that operation. I brought two Ak-47 rifles and a single-barrel Dane gun. I got one of the Ak-47 rifles from a friend known as Rontumi and another from Rugumi. The Dane gun belongs to me, and we entered the road and blocked the man’s convoy. I don’t know who among us fired the shot that killed him because three persons fired.

“I went to the man’s car, opened it and found money in it. I gave the money to Ibrahim Abdulahi and asked him to give the money to Maube. It was the next day that we knew that the person we killed was a four-star general. I don’t know the amount that was in that bag because it was with Maube.”

Ciroma, 35, recalled how he was arrested, “I am a taxi driver and I ply the Kaduna-Keffi Expressway. Around 5 pm on 24 December, 2018, I was at Panda Market, waiting for passengers when a bus blocked me and policemen came out of it. I was dragged into the bus and I saw Shuiabu in it.

“I was swiftly handcuffed and taken to the Keffi Area Command in Nasarawa State. There they asked me if I was part of the gang that blocked the road and killed Alex Badeh, and I said no. But when I was brought to Abuja, I had no option but to confess.”


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