Airplanes , Crash Or Land?

Hello beautiful readers, I’m sure you are having a beautiful weekend.

The weekend is almost over so lets address the issues at hand, is flying safe or now very unpredictable ?

No matter how busy or tight your schedule is you must have heard the news about plane crashing and missing like the 20billion naira we are yet to find. We can assume traveling by air isn’t all that safe right now.

Don’t blame me, I mean when plane carrying hundreds of passengers now get missing like Dstv remote control, this is bad for everyone especially those that have never been on a plane before, if you ask me I’ll say “the aviation ministry has lost it”

This is a very serious matter being that planes are like the fastest most comfortable means of transportation and that is enough reason for this matter to be addressed with all seriousness. The aviation ministry needs to be reminded that when a plane crashes it takes away mostly the productive part of the population and that’s enough reason to take the flying school and maintenance team seriously, you can’t play with human lives like it’s just toys

If you give me a chance I’ll say a body should be created globally that supports aviation inspection and this should operate on a monthly basis

In summary I’ll never rule out flying from my list of transportation but then something has to be done.

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