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Adedoyin Adedeji releases a new book on choosing a career in Technology

When the internet emerged in the early 90s, businesses saw the huge potentials it could bring. Within a
short time, we witnessed rapid expansion in the usage of the internet. This ushered us into a new era
called the Information Age. Today, humanity is beginning to witness the next wave of revolution – a
digital revolution. This revolution would bring together the physical, digital and biological world. It will
create new systems, possibilities, and solutions. It will have a significant impact on individuals, the global
economy, industries, and governance. The coming digital revolution will have a huge impact on the
transformation of the nature of the workforce needed in the coming years.
According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, “65% of children entering primary school
today will end up working in completely new job types that don’t exist yet”. New job roles are opening
up while old job roles are fading away. Understanding the coming global changes will make it easier to
prepare for them.
The future of work is here already and at the center of it is technology. Rapid advancements in
technology are reshaping our human experience and the type of workforce businesses need to hire.
New technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, self-driving vehicles,
renewable energy, nanotechnology, 3D printing, blockchain, quantum computing, and
Virtual/Augmented reality are ushering us into the next era. The question is – How do we prepare young
Africans for this coming digital revolution? How can we reposition Africa to be competitive in this
coming era?

Adedoyin’s new book provides a pathway to helping young Africans better understand the technology
industry. His new book “Choosing a rewarding career in technology” is the definite guide needed by
young people to understand how to choose a career in the technology industry and become a successful
professional. It provides the reader with the necessary information needed to start a career journey in
the technology industry. This book equips readers with insights into the growing trends in the tech
industry and how best to position your career path for the coming digital revolution. It also provides a
guide for you to understand your personality and which tech career choices will be best for you. The
book also explores various official IT certifications available for these careers and insight into the
emerging fields in Technology.
By helping more young Africans to understand the technology industry, we are not only building the
right capacity, but we are also collectively reshaping our experiences to create a platform for Africa to
be competitive in this coming digital era.
The book is globally available in print and eBook versions. The print versions are available on Jumia,
Roving Heights in Surulere, Laterna Book Store (VI Lagos), Glendora Bookstore – Ikeja City Mall Alausa
(Shoprite) and Amazon Print-on-demand, while eBook versions are available on Okadabooks, iBook,
BarnesandNoble, Kobo, Amazon, and Scribd.
You can learn more here –

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