Adebowale Adedayo Babatunde Expelled from Redeemers’ University on graduation day because of his social media post >>

An Instagram user and media personality Adedayo Adebowale Babatunde also known as Mr. Macaroni, who was a final year student of the Redeemer’s university Epe Osun state, shared on his page recently how he was unjustly expelled from the university for posting about issues concerning the school on social media.
Sharing pictures of his expulsion letter which was signed by the registrar, Mr. Macaroni painfully expresses himself in this long post:

“Most of you would observe that I have been silent about Redeemer’s University lately. For those of you who know about my University life, most of you called me and sent me series of text messages 2 weeks ago asking why I didn’t go for my convocation.. this and that… as it was quite clear that I should have graduated in flying colors. Well, the management of Redeemer’s University denied me of my joy that day. I had waited so long for that day, and while waiting, I served Redeemer’s University with all my life. First as Social Director in my 300Level and then as President of both the student association and the graduating class. I ask anyone reading this to call anyone he or she knows in Redeemer’s University including the management that dislikes me so much and ask who Debo Adedayo (Mr. Macaroni) is. If they will speak the truth with the fear of God, they will tell you that I served the University with all my life and heart. I can’t plunge into the achievements of my administration in Redeemer’s University because you will get tired. I used everything that God blessed me with to promote Redeemer’s University. I left Redeemer’s University a debtor. All my life savings was used in paying school fees for other students and making sure students were at least comfortable in a possible way. Please just ask around. For me, leadership was and still is service, selflessness, and sacrifice through discipline, integrity and accountability to those we as leaders claim to be of service to and by God’s grace in whose name I swear, this was what I stood for. I wrote my final exams, defended my project and was awaiting convocation when I was summoned by the management of the University saying I posted certain things that put the University in a bad light. Excuse me? In all my posts, I never mentioned the name of the University nor the name of any of her official. Yet on the 12th of this month, I received a letter of Expulsion for this supposed reason. I have been patient enough with the management of the University.

Adedayo Adebowale Babatunde

That I wasn’t given the joy to graduate on that day I waited patiently for broke my heart. Yet, I was willing to let that go out of love for my University. Now look what I have been greeted with. I am trying to understand the reasons behind this action by the mgt of the University. Could it be because, for the first time in history, my administration refused to give the Vice-Chancellor and Director of Student affairs awards on our student’s appreciation day as we reached the conclusion that they didn’t deserve it? Or could it be because my administration fought passionately for students rights; food, water, light scarcity? Could it be because I stood for the rights of students when they were falsely accused of defrauding the University….. the list is endless as I am still trying to help the University find a reason for her action. I can go on and on, but I would simply rest my case for now as my parents have decided to take legal action against the management of the University. I am bringing this to your attention because of the concern you have all shown and also so that everyone I have advertised Redeemer’s University to can see how exactly I am being paid back for my dedication. You haven’t heard the last of this. Thank you.”

A lot of students and followers have since condemned the university’s act. We hope Mr Macaroni’s case is resolved as soon as possible.

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