Actress, Georgina Onuoha – “Be Careful Of Those You Envy And Tap Into Their Anointing”

Actress, Georgina Onuoha – “Be Careful Of Those You Envy And Tap Into Their Anointing”

Amidst the crisis that has rocked the Nigerian entertainment industry from the beginning of September, Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, took to her Instagram page to call on God and also advised fans to be careful of who they envy.

In a template posted, she wrote,

“September To Remember!! Oh Lord…

“Nigerian entertainment industry is currently on steroids. Moral of the whole drama. This should be a wake up call and teaching moment for all who are quick to tap into anointing!! Be careful of those you envy and tap into their anointing. Not all that glitters is gold”.

In her caption, she said she woke up to see shenanigans on social media. She also said everyone should be careful of who they idolize.

See her caption below;

“Like many Nigerians, I woke 9/10 hours much later in shock seeing so many shenanigans on social media.

“It is unfortunate and shameful. The moral of this whole drama and sitcom is; be careful who you idolize.

“Not all that glitters is gold.

So before you go about beating yourself up and discrediting your hard work because one celebrity bought this, bought that, and you want the same, think twice.

“Can you do what they do to live the kind of life they live and display on social media? Be thankful for your little blessings.

“Never compare yourself to anyone.

Trust in yourself and your ability to earn a decent livelihood.

“For those quick to tap into other people’s anointing, please be careful and be wary of what you are tapping into God bless the work of our hands.

“To those grinding 8-5 or 12 hours daily, God bless your labor of love. There is dignity in hard labor.

Stop envying packaged lives you see on social media.

“Our society indeed has lost its moral compass. And to think September is my birth month. We love peace and harmony”.

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