A Timeline Of Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Tweets Beefing Drake

Those that didn’t know Kanye West has an ongoing beef with Drake now know after Kanye’s many tweets on Thursday night about what he thinks about Drake and the situation with the Toronto rapper.

In a way quintessentially Kanye, he went online to thrash out the situation, and call it what you like, it gets him on the news and furthers his agenda, whatever that is.

Kim Kardashian also added her voice to it, of course, in support of her husband who had accused Drake of threatening him on the phone.

Here is a timeline of the event:

After these barrage of tweets, Kanye tjhen tweeted that Drake had called. But that was only the beginning of the episode.

Not even after this:

It was at this junction that Kim put in her own two cents.

She continued:

But Kanye wasn’t done:

The pink polo also made an entrance:

Snoop, who famously made fun of Kanye after alluding to the fact that Drake slept with Kim also got a mention.


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