A Shining Season: Sunlight’s Alarambara stays bright till the end


We have seen it before, haven’t we: things that start strong but finish weak? Thankfully, Alarambara, Sunlight’s big thing for this season, isn’t one of them. The Yoruba language radio drama has just concluded its inaugural run on select radio stations in Nigeria’s Southwest strong.

So, how did the show become – and remain – a ratings sensation over the course of thirteen episodes? The acting was fantastic and the scripting and production certainly helped the thing about Anike, Bisi, Iya Alaje, Iyawo and, of course, Sisi Oge and their “situations” is they are so relatable! And it’s all done in Yoruba, a language most – if not all – of the listeners communicate in.



As the first of the final three episodes takes off, Anike has a question for Sisi Oge: “Who’s that Lady?” A Mystery Woman at Bisi’s birthday party had caught her eye and ear with her peculiar attire and accent and Anike wants to see her again. That is, until Bisi arrives to expose said woman’s less-than-sanitary background and penchant for the odd marriage threatening rumour.

Then Sisi Oge carries on a warm and witty conversation with her mother on the phone even as Mum tries to persuade her to take time out for a Visiting day. As expected, matters of cleanliness come up for them – matters also come up for Iya Alaje and Iyawo but in vastly different ways.

The season’s closer finds four of the ladies hanging out at Anike’s and bring up Fun memories with Sunlight as they reminisce over events in preceding episodes. Sisi Oge joins up with them later to drop a last sliver of Sunlight wisdom.

Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we’ll enjoy the company of these vibrant and unique women who, over the course of 13 episodes, have had their homes, relationships and selves transformed through the use of Sunlight 2-in-1 detergent!

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