7 Beauty Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

With so many beauty problems and even less time to solve them all, hacks are always welcome to help improve your daily life and routine. From skin to makeup, there are always shortcuts that will help you along your day and solve your beauty dilemmas. You can save time and also get to look glam without spending hours or a fortune doing so. We have collected a list of 7 beauty hacks proven to effective, easy and inexpensive.

Beauty Hacks

  1. White Base to make your Eye Shadow Colours pop:

If you love wearing bright and intense eye makeup, then you should consider using a white eyeshadow base. Its formula is thick and creamy and is the best way to make your eyeshadows appear vibrant.


Beauty Hacks

  1. T-Shirt instead of a Towel to dry your hair

Try drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel, as towels cause the hair to become brittle and frizzy. This method works perfectly for ladies with curly hair, who are familiar with frizzy hair fiascos, the t-shirt will dry your hair disrupting your curl pattern.

Beauty Hacks

  1. Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

Instead of using wipes, and other chemical-based products, it’s advisable to use coconut oil as a makeup remover. Coconut oil cleanses as well as nourishes the skin. Your skin appears more moisturized in the process, it’s definitely a win-win situation.

Beauty Hacks

  1. Egg and Honey Mixture to strengthen Nails

Strong and healthy nails are one of the most important features of feminine hands. While gel and acrylic enhancements damage our nail beds, making them prone to breaking and chipping, there are some natural home remedies that can solve this beauty problem. Simply mix honey and egg into a paste, and apply them on your nails, twice a week. After a month you will notice that your nails will become less brittle and more elastic, and also help hydrate your hands in the process.


Beauty Hacks

  1. Spoon as a Contouring Tool

Thanks to the Kardashians and Instagram, contouring has become an important makeup technique. The art of sculpting your facial structures to look more toned and definite doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Using a spoon as a contouring trick is one hack you can easily get on board with, they aren’t dangerous or hard to get. And they give your cheekbone contour a more rounded angle.

Beauty Hacks

  1. Hot Water to De-clump Mascara

If your mascara is getting dry and becoming clumpy, it’s best to let the container – with the lid tightly closed – soak in hot water ten minutes before you use it. The mascara will last longer and go on the lashes without any of the clumpings.

Beauty Hacks

  1. Drawing an X to achieve a Defined Cupid Bow

Wonder how so many makeup artists have well-defined cupid bows, almost making you think they were born with them. Let’s help you achieve that with this simple hack. You take a lip liner in whatever shade you want, make an ‘X’ starting at the highest point of your natural lip, repeat the same trick on the other side of your lip, and voila! Hello, Cupid bow.


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