28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 24 – Take Care of Your Nails



Your nails may be small but they play an important role, serving to help protect your fingers. They also
may reveal clues to your general health. Ladies spend hours painting and decorating them.

To keep your nails attractive and avoid undesirable problems like fungal infections that can make your
nails ugly and deformed, here are some tips to consider:

•Keep your nails clean. You may have the looks and the most expensive suit. But if your nails are dirty, you’re no better than a monkey! Dirty nails turn people off and reflect your personality so make sure they always look their best. Trim them and clean under the nails regularly. Use a good pair of manicure scissors and a nail file to smoothen nail edges.

•While some nails benefit from not using polish, mine seem to love the stuff. If they are polished,

I seem to notice them more and devote a little more attention to them.

•If you have weak nails that tend to split or break, keep your nails short and trim. Use a nail


•Go for a manicure/pedicure at least once in a month.

It’s easy to neglect your nails. But a little basic nail care can go a long way to keeping your nails in
healthy condition.

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