Ezekwesili Apologises To Nigerians For Withdrawing From Presidential Race

The former Presidential candidate of the  Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili, has apologised for dropping out of the Presidential race.

She also called the decision to join the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria a mistake which made her take the “tough but necessary decision” to suspend her campaign.

She said this while addressing a world press conference on Abuja on Monday.

She also thanked the youth who she said accepted and owned her campaign, as well as her supporters across all different tribes.

“Thank you to the young people who accepted and owned our campaign, to the women – my sisters and comrades – who worked and walked with me, to every believer and supporter from different tribes, states, religions and walks of life.”

On the allegations levelled against her by her party, who said in a press conference that she wanted to use her run for President to to negotiate for a ministerial appointment, she said:

“One of the more laughable moments of the past week was hearing allegations that my presidential candidacy was a scheme to negotiate for a ministerial role. This is the height of political comedy, I must say,”

“Here are the facts that speak for themselves. Since I resigned as a cabinet minister in 2007, it is known that I have declined offers by different governments to serve as a minister again.”

“Why would I then go through the pains of launching a presidential campaign to negotiate for a role I last occupied twelve years ago and have thrice rejected since after?” she questioned.




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