21 Savage Released From ICE Detention

Rapper 21 Savage has been released from ICE detention and immediately hopped on a private jet back to Atlanta, according to TMZ.

The rapper was in the company of his mom when he boarded the plane near the immigration center where he had been held since his arrest last week.

He was in good spirits and wore a huge smile as he left the detention center.

He is the expected to meet with friends and family once home.

His release is not the end of the case though as he still faces deportation for expired visa although his lawyers have said he would fight it.

ICE have dropped an aggravated felony charge against 21, which was the initial ground for his deportation.

The rapper pled guilty to felony drug charges in 2014, but that conviction was expunged last year so there is not a felony on his record.

They are now pursuing his deportation strictly on the basis that he overstayed his visa.



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