#GbasGbos: Nigerians on mishaps, crazy situations and the biggest sale right now  

#GbasGbos: Nigerians on mishaps, crazy situations and the biggest sale right now



We have all gone through crazy situations and when the confusion sets in, we go from ‘oh my goodness’ to ‘which kain wahala be this now’. Some take their angst to social media and share their experience while some get on a conference call with friends and pour out their minds. But soon after finding a solution to that head-grinding issue, we realise it really isn’t a big deal and we shove that experience to the back of our minds.


Now, what if you could get freebies for those issues we shove to the back of our minds? What if our troubles of the past could score us some cool gifts before the year runs out? Well, there’s a hashtag dedicated to sharing your annoying situations or mishap stories, and you stand a chance of getting shopping vouchers worth up to ?50,000 if your story has enough kick.


Twitter is abuzz with the #BigDealMoments which has people sharing crazy situations they have been in. In fact, a session on Twitter spaces was dedicated to this and the stories we heard had us on an emotional rollercoaster. We laughed, smiled, got angry and even in some instances felt pity.


Imagine an IJGB accused of being a car-parts robber even with the ‘almost-British’ accent or the one who cheated on his partner and got infected with COVID-19 (serves him right!). Or should we talk about the dragging of all Damilolas just because one Damilola cheated and another complimented her boyfriend’s friend? Lol!


The banter was actually therapeutic especially with all the gbas gbos that have plagued us in the past two years.


At this point, the good question will be how did this ‘gbas gbos’ fest begin? How did we get to this ‘gbagbos’ fest though? Jumia Nigeria started its Black Friday sales on November 5, 2021, and they launched an ad with rap star, Naeto C. Before we get carried away by the fact that Naeto C is back, let’s continue with the story. The ad showed a lady’s hairstyle being murdered by her stylist – a hair mishap for the books! The thrust of the ad was, no matter how much of a deal you think that mishap or wahala is, there are bigger deals during the Black Friday period. And so, the mishap challenge began.


If you are tired of your mishaps making you the laughing stock, then it’s time to trade them in for Jumia vouchers by sharing them on Twitter with the hashtag #BigDealMoments. You can also share a video narrating  your story on Instagram with the hashtag #WhatsYourBigDeal. Three winners will be chosen every week so you may want to jump on it real quick.

We will leave you with this hilarious mishap tweet by Adewale Adetona @islimfit. Don’t laugh too much..


Talk about turning water into wine or is it lemons to lemonade?




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