DJ Michelle Dies At Lagos Beach

DJ  Michelle Dies At Lagos Beach

A fast disk jockey, Michelle Abesin, reportedly drowned at a beach in Lagos on Thursday, 18th November 2021.

According to reports, the incident happened at a popular beach in Lagos where she was swept away by the ocean.

The sister of the 21-year-old DJ took to her Instagram page to confirm the incident.

On her Instagram story, the aggrieved sister shared a picture of Michelle with the caption, “God why? Ahh Michelle”, accompanied by crying emojis.

Expressing shock, she wrote, ” I’m in shock. God don’t let this be the end. I need a miracle right now. My sister can’t be gone.”

Stella also wrote, “Where’s my sister? Where’s her body? I can’t breathe”.

The disc jokey’s sister also stated that people watched on while her sister drowned.

She wrote, “My sister did not deserve this, I can’t breathe. They all stood there and watched her drown. God where’s my sister?? Where’s her body?”

This suggested that the body of the DJ was yet to be recovered from the beach.

From the Instagram stories available on Michelle’s page, it was clear that the incident occurred shortly after she updated her story with a video and photos of her at the beach.


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