Fashionista, Denrele Edun, Shares Family Pictures As He Celebrates His Father’s 80th Birthday

Fashionista, Denrele Edun, Shares Family Pictures As He Celebrates His Father’s 80th birthday

Media personality, and fashionista, Adenrele Edun celebrates his father, Mr. Adekunle Alaba Edun, on his 80th birthday today, 17th November 2021.

On his Instagram page, he shared beautiful family pictures and reflected on how amazing his father is.

He wrote,



“Thanks to an incredibly loving FATHER like you; Myself, Ronke and Jumoke’s LIVES shine a thousand times brighter than a supernova.

“As you turn 80 today, I pray you’re blessed with nothing short of an awesome life filled with incredible joy.

“Every Year, You find new ways to amaze me, just as I think I’ve got you all figured out. You’ve never failed to show me what a true gentleman looks like and have always shown Love, Kindness and Sincerity to everyone you meet, no matter the circumstances.

Even if your day is tough, you make it your mission to make someone else laugh in an act of pure selflessness.

“Your care and concern for all people, especially those you love, is so inspiring and doesn’t go unnoticed.

“(Little wonder I picked these traits off you).

“I know things haven’t always been easy, but you have shown me time and time again how to walk through the storm and come out on the other side stronger, more compassionate, and still with a great sense of humor.

“This is one of the greatest lessons we could’ve learned, and we your children are proud to say we got to learn that from you.

“Thank you for teaching me to not take myself too seriously. Thank you for showing me how to stand up for myself.

“Thank you for showing me how to be compassionate and to stand firm in my decisions.

Thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t.


On another post, he explained why his mother isn’t in the family pictures and also reminisced on his father’s journey while he (Denrele) was growing up.

Hw wrote,

“It’s my Dad’s 80TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!

Yes, NOVEMBER 17TH is a special day and I can’t stay still!


A Fellow at the Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Church in Yaba, one of the longest serving Choir Wardens of all time (my Dad coerced us all to join the Choir and here’s the crazy part; NONE of us could sing to save our lives!) and dare I say, a MAN who tolerated my BS like no other!

“During my modelling phase, dating back as far as 1997/1998 when Teenage Rebellion set in, I’d rip my Dad’s church shirts, take out a sleeve, throw on all the safety pins in the world and step out in the streets for myriads of castings looking like “A child in urgent need of a bedspace at Yaba Left” (according to my cousins o!).

“Guess what? He NEVER complained!

Rather, he would buy me plenty Safety pins/Chains/Zips from the market and would always rise to my defense if family members raged about my dressing and even when the Church ex-communicated me!

‘When my Dad lost his job, my Mum tried severally to secure another one for him (using her Indian connect) and I recall that I wasn’t the best Son that period.

“As much as I was contributing to the home front (Heck, i started teaching in a private primary school at age 11), I kinda lashed out at my Dad;

For bringing us to the family house to live in a cramped room, the constant bickering and hatred from our extended family members, his lack of a job, his soft demeanor of dealing with issues….. I know I was difficult that period; PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!

“My Dad and Mum actually met in Hamburg Germany and when we came to Nigeria, he invested heavily in his own Bakery, We were living the LIFE in opulence and grandeur and then wham bam (Village People o!), He lost everything and we moved from our palatable duplex into an uncompleted building with no doors and windows!

“But that’s in the past;

PAPA (as he’s fondly called) has been staying with ME for over 2 decades.

“Yes, my DAD stays with me and I wanna make up for lost time and give him the life he rightly deserves and used to know in Europe.

“In case you’re wondering, my GORGEOUS MUM resides in Dublin and couldn’t make this celebration.



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