Downtown Magazine: Getting A step Closer To Fashion Equality.

Downtown Magazine: Getting A step Closer To Fashion Equality.

What started as an in-house conversation(between the Acting Editor, Onah Nwachukwu @onahluciaa, and her family) brought forth last week’s cover story on Body Enhancement. Conversations like, why it has become rampant in today’s Nigeria and what brought about the spike in patients looking to go under the knife to correct a flaw was dissected.

Although said discussions explored the stories of patients and their testimonials it was from a singular perspective. With that, we knew it would be an injustice not to highlight those whose roles are crucial to the story and introducing their medical takes on the surgeries and why they think the society we’ve found ourselves in is comfortable surrendering themselves to a high risk-reward.

To help clear the air and shed some more light on the topic, we sought out the opinion of Nigerian registered and licensed medical practitioner,
Dr. Hilda Ashio Titiloye.

Our Fashion pages analyze why it’s ok for women to wear men’s clothing but frowned upon when men do the same, in a rather enlightening piece titled, Blurred Lines: Getting A step Closer To Fashion Equality.

This week sees the introduction of a new element to our Relationship page. We talk about sex, in: Are You ‘Heading’ My Way? Ladies, you don’t want to miss this one. Our Beauty pages suggest ways to style your hair, and Websights, discusses the ongoing infidelity saga on the social media scene.

You should definitely get a copy of Downtown (@thewilldowntown) Magazine today and all week from your local vendor nationwide. We promise you’ll love it.


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