Singer, Cynthia Morgan Calls Out Former Manager, Joy Tongo

Singer, Cynthia Morgan Calls Out Former Manager, Joy Tongo

Nigerian singer, Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, has taken to social media to call out her former manager, Joy Tongo.

In a series of Instagram stories, the singer who now goes by the stage name Madrina shed more light on the misunderstanding she had with her former label head Jude Okoye in 2020.

She wrote in parts;

“My mom finally found my first contract with Jton/Joy, Bwitch been a snake all her life.

“All you need to do was bring my attention to the clauses in the contract you knew I didn’t understand. Then I would have made a decision as an adult either to evict her as my manager or scold her for being evil. I definitely would not have understood your stance at that time of not needing her. Cause to me, she was my saviour Jude Okoye I’m sorry.

“The only reason I was mad at Jude was because I thought he was ignorant. Oh well I was the ignorant one. Lol. Because many times Jude told me how useless Joy was and how I didn’t need her, but out of loyalty due to brainwashing Joy had done to me, I became even wary of Jude for trying to separate myself and Joy. Prosperity will judge you my sister Joy Tango. If there is ever anyone in this world that has a thing on me, it’s definitely not you Joy Tango. Like I said let prosperity and that Benin soil be the judge.

“You lived in my house for over a year without paying rent, light bill nor water bill. And consequent times when I told you I wasn’t comfortable with Judes attitude towards me, you will always take his side. I always wonder the kind of manager you were. But now I understand. It’s obvious you were fine with every mess being thrown at me cause you already had the other 50 percent of the recoupment that was supposed to be mine but you never told me about it. And when I dared to speak about it, you brought out the contract you prepared and its original meaning. But you never told me the world I never read that contract due to my naive thinking of my sis will never cheat me. Lol.

“You never told friends the reason we had a fight was because I borrowed you 300k that you didn’t want to pay back Joy Tongo.

“Can’t wait to catch some people in real life”.

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