Veteran Actress Hilda Dokubo Slam Women Who Tag Men As Scum

Veteran Actress Hilda Dokubo Slam Women Who Tag Men As Scum

Nollywood veteran actress, Hilda Dokubo, has slammed those who have become popular for calling men scum.

In a video on her Instagram page on Wednesday, 4th August, the 51-year-old, pointed out why it is wrong to call men scum.

She said; ”You already know I have boys, my mother had boys and I know a lot of women who have only sons. But you sit in your house and say all men are scum. You are calling our life investments, scums. Are you for real?

“In fact when did he become a scum? You were dating him, he asked you out and something went wrong, and all of a sudden he is scum. Have you asked yourself why he attracted the scum? Maybe there’s just something stormy about you.

She added that “There are a lot of men and women who would break hearts. It does not make them scum. It just means that it did not work for the two of you. So you can’t look at a creature created by God and nurtured by a woman and because of one person and make such a bogus statement ‘all men are scum.

Dokubo who is also an activist and youth advocate, once served as special adviser on youth affairs to Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers State.

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