Bob Odenkirk ‘Better Call Saul’ Star, Suffers Heart Attack

Bob Odenkirk ‘Better Call Saul’ Star, Suffers Heart Attack

Hollywood actor, Bob Odenkirk, has shared a grateful message on social media, for the support and love he received after he was rushed to the hospital, following the small heart attack he had.

He tweeted,  “Hi. It’s Bob. Thank you. To my family and friends who have surrounded me this week. And for the outpouring of love from everyone who expressed concern and care for me,”

“It’s overwhelming. But I feel the love and it means so much.”

“I had a small heart attack. But I’m going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery,” he added. “Also, AMC and SONYs support and help throughout this has been next-level. I’m going to take a beat to recover but I’ll be back soon”.

It was reported, that the 53-year-old, was on set on Tuesday when he had what he referred to as “small heart attack” and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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