BBNAIJA SEASON 6: JackieB’s Diary Room Session

BBNAIJA SEASON 6: JackieB’s Diary Room Session

How are you feeling today?

Apart from having Migraine I’m fine and good,
And about the wild card we were busy and making strategies in finding the wild card.

Do you think the housemates would know get the task of identifying the wild card?

I’m not sure we will, but the options are too obvious, so I’m not sure they are the one, because they shouldn’t be too obvious

Information you have learnt about your Fellow Housemates?

I learnt about Pere, how he lived in the US and how his uber Driver told him to apply for Big Brother. I feel it kind of weird.

How has that information about Pere impacted you?

From the information I’ve gotten, I think there is more to him, It makes me wonder

How has the practice of the task of Nigeria Cultural
Celebration going?

Everyone want to win the task so that we can have money for food because everyone is hungry.
So we are putting all our effort

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